What we do defines you! Our art gives your business an identity and we take it very seriously.




Blogilicious.com is a blog syndication tool and aims to bring the best blog content from around the world for its users.Utopik designed their logo, business card and other office stationery.

Their logo is designed keeping in mind their brief – clean, simple yet appealing.(www.blogilicious.com)

Smart Genie

Smart Genie is a Malaysia based insurance provider. They wanted a caricature based logo which would lead all their narrative.

Working with many sketches, we gave them a digital friendly genie that would make all their insurance woes go away!

Cviac Branding

CVIAC was started originally as a core Industrial Automation Company in 1998, and expanded in to a diversified group company in 2007. CVIAC focuses on core business and process consulting, Facility Design, and Information and communication technology services.

Utopik handled end-to-end branding for CVIAC and their group companies.(www.cviac.com)

Sanmar Investor Presentation

This chemicals and plastics manufacturing corporation was looking at expanding its overseas operations and were approaching investors for the new market.

The presentations and investor reports were required to be to be slick and have an "international feel".



Multicoreware is an engineering services company that needed marketing support. We helped Multicoreware prepare for the NAB 2018, a prestigious exhibition in Las Vegas.

We designed posters and pamphlets for their stall and helped them with digital displays as well.

Standard Chartered Bank

From designing their office interiors with a variety of wall posters to their corporate presentations, we have supported SCB with many of their requirements.

Our ability to understand even the most fleeting of branding rules helped us to create their posters and other marketing material to the most exacting of standards!

Book Designs & Illustrations

We specialize in hand drawn illustrations that are given special effects digitally. We have worked on projects across the spectrum, ranging from English classics to old novels and nursery series.

We also dabble with mixed media, pen & ink illustrations, transparent or photo colors. Our styles are also notably different, caricatures, realistic, icon based flat art etc.

Green Dot Cheese Cake

Green Dot Cheesecake specialize in vegetarian pastries. Their USP is their artisanal celebration cakes. We created a series of posters using illustrations with flat colors and bold outlines. We went with a theme that was retro yet old world chic.

By using vector based flat illustrations, we enabled the company to create light-weight artwork that could be used both for print and digital media, making it reusable across multiple platforms for advertising.

Zarii Boutique

Zarii is an international clothing line that blends traditional Indian dress making with western couture for women living away from India.

For Zarii' s annual exhibitions, a consistent colour scheme of gold, a rich scarlet and black has been followed, in combination with various elaborate motifs seen in Indian textiles traditionally.


As a regular vendor of Givaudan since 2015, we have been an external marketing support team. From handling their training feedback reports to online surveys, we have helped them with their reporting and other data driven activities. We have created training material for their internal e-learning initiatives.

Presentations, business analyst reports, illustrations and case studies are some of the on-going projects.(www.givaudan.com)


Srinidhi Financial Advisors

Srinidhi Capital is an India focused structured investment fund. With their proprietary financial product for mid-cap corporate investors, they were looking at creating a long term strategy for their customers and create a sustainable relationship. They wanted a classy and clean site to demonstrate their products.

We used the warm hues from their logo and balanced the warmth with large photographs and infographics to describe their product offerings. Info-graphics broke the monotony of the serious subject and helped customers to visualize the growth of their capital without staring at boring graphs and charts.

Call Health

Callhealth is an online health care services company that also offers remote diagnostics and patient care.The application was used by doctors, health officers and call centre executives and each had specific functions.

Utopik conducted the user acceptance survey with the end user groups and identified gaps in navigation flow and design that was affecting productivity and ways to bring down the cycle time by more than 20%.(www.callhealth.com)


IIDC or the Indian International Dance Championship hosts dance events and competitions. They wanted a site that could bring out the flamboyance of their activities. The website needed to conjure up visions of bolero, bull-fighting and the cha -cha.

We conceptualized a discotheque-like feel to the website, with intense colours. The profiles of national and international dancers and groups, judges were shown on the site along with their performance schedules. Promo videos were also incorporated.

Swamy Capital

Swamy & Swamy Business Services Private Limited (SSBS) is a boutique enterprise that serves as a single point contact for a gamut of services including Management Consulting, Finance, Accounting, and Corporate Administrative Services. Utopik suggested a 3 scene carousel to showcase the main features of the company.

The website brief was simple. They wanted very little or no images. The site needed to be very simple and straightforward. The design needed to be elegant with white backgrounds and the logo colours had to be dominant. Their global presence was illustrated by a world map, again highlighted by orange hues, reminiscent of the company's logo.